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Exhibitors list

W4-A01       Beijing Holy&Jolly International Trading Co.,Ltd.                                                                 

W4-A05A06          Shaoxing Huatong Textile BaoqiliEnvironment-friendly Seamless Wall Covering            

W4-A07              Terrific (Beijing) Wallpaper Co.,Ltd.                                                               

W4-A08              Shenzhen Colorful Wall Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                   

W4-A09              Dibaolong Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                     

W4-A10              Jiangmen Whole World Industrial Co., Ltd.                                                                   

W4-A11              Shanghai Wholly Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                  

W4-A12              Shaoxing Gold Wallpaper.Co.Ltd.                                                                  

W4-A15              Anran Times International Trading Co., Ltd.                                                                  

W4-A16              Shanghai Shewei Digital Decoration and Construction Material Co.,Ltd.                                     

W4-B01         Weijin Machinery Co.,Ltd.                                                                  

W4-B02              Jinan Yongxin Glue Goods Co.,Ltd.                                                                

W4-B05              Changzhou Walldec Special New Materials Co.,Ltd.                                                                  

W4-B06           Hangzhou Yikan Textile Co., Ltd.                                                                  

W4-B07C10  Shanghai Artwall Co., Ltd.                                                               

W4-B08              Shenyang Hanliu Trading Co., Ltd.                                                           

W4-B09              Hangzhou Dongren Building Material Co., Ltd.                                                

W4-B10              M-real Hong Kong Ltd.                                                                    

W4-B11              Tapetenfabrik Gebr.Rasch GmbH & Co. KG Shanghai Representative Office                             

W4-B15             Shanghai Zhennuo Decorative Materials Co., Ltd                       

W4-B16Shanghai World Link Industry Co., Ltd                                                                  

W4-B17              Beijing Tiandi Home Decorations Co., Ltd.                                

 W4-B18            Guangdong Jiangmen Blue Wings  Wallpaper Accessories Co.,Ltd.                                    

W4-B19              Hangzhou Girsun Decoration Material Limited Co.,Ltd.                                                               

W4-B20B21 B22B23         Sanyong Wuda Trade Co.,Ltd.                                                                

W4-C01              Wallkinger Co.,Ltd.                                                                   

W4-C02              HOYE Tianjin Decoration Material Co., Ltd.                                                                

W4-C05C06          Hangzhou ASL Decoration Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                    

W4-C07              Hangzhou Shengyuan Wallpaper Company                                                                   

W4-C08              Beautiful Homeland (Guangdong) Wallpaper Accessory Products Trade Center                          

W4-C09              Degao Machinery Enterprise Group                                                                

W4-C11              Shunmei Wallpaper Co., Ltd.                                                                   

W4-C12              NEW YADA Wallpaper Co., Ltd (BeiJing)                                                                  

W4-C16              Shanghai LaCanTouch Decoration Co .,Ltd.                                                                 

W4-C17              Beijing RuiJi-Kaidi International Trade Co.Ltd.                                                                    

W4-C18              Shanghai Suwalper Wallpaper Co.,Ltd.                                                                  

W4-C25 26 27 28             WuXi JINPU Art Co.Ltd                                                                 

W4-D01D02          Zhejiang QITE Wall Coverings Co., Ltd.                                                                    

W4-D05              Dongguan Xinyongxing Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                

W4-D07       WuXi JINPU Art Co.Ltd.                                                                

W4-D08              Crystal                                                                 

W4-D09              Mercedes Wallpaper (UK) Co.,Ltd.                                                                     

W4-D10              Shanghai B&G Impports and Exports Trading Co.,Ltd.              

W4-D11     Shaoxing Weimei Wallpaper Co. Ltd.                                                                    

W4-D12              Graham & Brown (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.                                                                   

4-D12A           Shang hai Ju Sheng Decorate Co.,Ltd.                                                                   

W4-D15              AKA Home Furniture (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.                                                                

W4-D16              SOFRO Wallcovering                                                               

W4-D16A           BeiJing Century Oyu Decoration Material Co.,Ltd.                                                               

W4-D17              Luoyang Beitai Wallcoverings                                                                  

W4-D18              Jiangsu Beitai Wallpaper Peoducts Co.,Ltd.                                                                  

W4-D19 D20        Han Yang Ink Corporation                                                               

W4-D21D22          4D star Decoration and Design Co. Ltd, Nanjing                                             

W4-E01      Kaibo Clothing                                                                   

W4-E02    Shanghai Bimei Wallcoverings Co.,Ltd.                                                                   

W4-E05    Guangzhou Jiamei Special Leather Factory                                                                     

W4-E06        Shaoxing Jincan Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                    

W4-E07D09    Zhe Jiang Venecia Decorative Co. Ltd.                                                                  

W4-E08 Shanghai Ruili Wallpaper Co., Ltd.                                                               

W4-E10        Qingdao A.D.L wallcovering Co.,Ltd.                                                                    

W4-E11 BeiJing XinLiMei Grandeur Decoration Materils Ltd.                                                                 

W4-E12        Shenzhen Mingwang Wall Coverings and Textiles Co., Ltd.                                                         

W4-E15        Shaoxing Meibibao Wallpaper Co., Ltd.                                                                

W4-E16        Goodrich Global Co., Ltd.                                                                

W4-E17        Romantic Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                               

W4-F01F 02          Jiangmen Guangchao Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                     

W4-F05       Digao wallpaper complement Co., Ltd                                                                                               

W4-F07        Nanjing Gutian Gold Foil Co., Ltd.                                                                 

 W4-F08F09F 10            E  R Wallpaper Co., Ltd.                                                                

W4-F11F12           Shengyang Yingcheng Industrial Co.,Ltd.                                                               

W4-F15 New Minghe Mechanics Research And Developmet Co.,Ltd.                                                                   

W4-F16        CRISTN  Paint Roller Manufacturing (Beijing) Co., Ltd.                                                           

W4-F17        Qingdao Xionghan Trade Co.,Ltd.                                                                  

W4-F18        Spring River Art Studio                                                                     

W4-F19F20           Shenzhen Aoya Industry Co,Ltd.                                                                    

W3-A01              Qingdao Wons wallpaper Co.,Ltd                                                                  

W3-A02 06         Runon Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                    

W3-A05              Beijing Orient Silk-dream Decoration  Matrial  Co., Ltd.                                                         

W3-A07      Hanree Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                   

W3-A08       Shanghai Rongli Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                  

W3-A09              SITU                                                                    

W3-A10              Lukadeco Decorative Materail Co.,Ltd.                                                                 

W3-A11            Hangzhou Runtrust Silk Co.,Ltd.                                                                     

W3-B01B02B05B06           ianjin Yuansheng Building & Decoration Material Plant.                            

W3-B07              Brewster Wallcovering Company                                                                   

W3-B08B10           Sunray Wallcoverings Ltd.,Zhuhai                                                     

W3-B09              Beijing Oriental Glamor Wallpaper Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W3-B11 15         Solari I&C Co. Ltd.                                                                  

W3-B12 16  Zhejiang wall-life decoration Co.,Ltd.                                                                     

W3-B17B18B19B20           Dalian Chengyou Decorative Engineering Co., Ltd.                                   

W3-C01C02 C05C06        Hangzhou Bailun Wallpaper Co.,Ltd.                                                              

W3-C07              Shanghai Kingwelson Decorative Material Co.,Ltd.                                                                     

W3-C08A           Shenzhen Runwanda Industry Co.,Ltd.                                              

W3-C09         Shanghai Zhisheng Wallpaper & Colothart Co.,Ltd.                                                                      

W3-C10       ROEN   ROEN (BEIJING) CO.,LTD.                                                                 

W3-C11              Shanghai AS Creation International Trading Co.,Ltd.                                                                   

W3-C12              Beijing  Topli Decorative Materials Co., Ltd                                                                

W3-C15              Shanghai AEI Trading Co.,Ltd.                                                                

W3-C16              Flügger Coating (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.                                                                     

W3-C17C18C19C20          ORIENTWIND(Shanghai)Co.,Ltd.                                                         

W3-D01D02D05D06          Hangzhou Xuan Ya Trade Company                                                        

W3-D07              Liaoning JSD Wallpaper Co.,Ltd                                                                   

W3-D08              Bolinfaith(Beijing)Trading.Co.,Ltd                                                                   

W3-D09              Foshan City Nanhai Boder Wallpaper Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.                                                   

W3-D10              Zhejiang Hemei Wallpaper Co.,Ltd.                                                                

W3-D11     VERSEDECO STUDIO                                                                  

W3-D11A           H&B Decoration Materials Co.,Ltd.                                                               

W3-D12              Hangzhou Garefu Co.,Ltd.                                                                

W3-D15              Guilin Wellmax Wallcovering Co.,Ltd.                                               

E3-D15A             Dimoon Building Materials Co.,Ltd.                                                                

W3-D16              Guangzhou Tks Wallpaper Co.,Ltd.                                                                

W3-D17          Oudelu Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                    

W3-D18              Yinghua Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W3-D19D20D21D22          Guangzhou JinlaishiTrading Co.Ltd.                                                             

W3-E01              Shaoxingxinyiqiangbu                                                                 

W3-E05E06           Shaoxing Aierfa Textile Co., Ltd.                                                                    

W3-E07        Beijing Qiteli Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W3-E07A            WAGNER WALL MURALS Co.,Ltd.                                                                 

W3-E08     Huangzhou Fengge Wallpaper Co.,Ltd.                                                                 

W3-E08A            Wuxi Hinetech Technology Development Co., Ltd.                                                                     

W3-E09        Wujiang Huaermeite Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                   

W3- E10              Bellevuewallpaper International Co.,Ltd.                                                                

W3-E11        Beijing Xingaoshiji Decorative Material Trading Center                                                               

W3-E12        Changzhou Wooree Decorative Material Co., Ltd.                                                               

W3-E12        Changzhou Gaenari Decorative Material Co.,Ltd.                                                                 

W3-E15        Beijing Airiss                                                               

W3-E16        Zhengzhou enterprises wallpaper Co.,Ltd.                                                                     

W3-E17        Shaanxi greatly honest decoration material limited company                                           

W3-E18        Zhuhai Peitianli Trade Co.,Ltd.                                                                 

W3-E19       Handicraft Silk Wallpaper Studio Of China                                                                   

W3-E20        Shanghai Linyuan Trade Co.,Ltd.                                                                    

W3-E21        Haoyu Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                                                              

W3+0102        Changzhou Superior & Unique Craft Co., Ltd.                                                                     

W3+05         Shanghai Methstar Adhesive Co.,Ltd.                                                                    

 W3+06              Qingdao M.SON Co.,Ltd.                                                               

W3+07         Shanghai Zilan Wallpaper Co.,Ltd.                                                                  

W3+08         Beijing K-Fashion Trading Co.,ltd.                                                                  

W3+0910        M1 Natural Wallpaper(Beijing Aohuahaiji Technology Development Co.,Ltd.)              

W1+10         Tianmeng Glass Art Technology Co.,Ltd.                                                               

W3+11         Ningbo Zhuocheng Wallpaper Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W3+12         CK  Houseware  Limitde                                                                     

W3+151620              Rongcheng Golden Way Sheet Technology Co.,Ltd.                                                     

W3+17 18           Yantai Jinye Wallpaper Co.,Ltd.                                                                     

W3+19         Tianjin Leadstrong Building Materials Co.,Ltd.                                                                     

W3+19         Beijing Yuanjie Wallpaper Co.,Ltd.                                                   

W2-A01              Beijing Yongqunyuli Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd.                                                                 

W2-A02 05 06           Zhejiang Medal Electrical Co., Ltd.                                                                 

 W2-A06A         Yongkang Xinda Electrical Co., Ltd.                                                               

W2-A07 09         Fusheng Compound Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W2-A08     The Usaus (ASIA) Livesat Home Chain-Like Organization                                                          

W2-A08A    Chang Zhou Weide Da Refractory Board Co.,Ltd.                                                               

W2-A08B     Foshan Haoting Furniture Material Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W2-A08B     Xiongxu Aluminium Co., Ltd.                                                                   

W2-A10     Guangzhou Shangpin  Homedecro Co., Ltd.                                                                

W2-A11         Beijing Qiaoshi Wood Industry  Co., Ltd.                                                               

W2-A12              THEME Technology Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W2-A15              Ningbo Dyne Sanmark Furniture Products Co.Ltd.                                                                     

W2-A16         Anhui Macrolink Advanced Materials Co.,Ltd.                                                                              

W2-B01              WNS Kitchen Decoratives Co., Ltd.                                                                     

W2-B02              Xinli Taihe Kitchen Decorative Co., Ltd.                                                                

W2-B05 06         Tian jing  RuiJi  art factory                                                                    

W2-B07     Gecko Wood Co., Ltd.                                                                    

W2-B07AB         Aisida Decorative Material Factory                                                          

W2- B07C           Baoding Qincheng Electronic Equipment Factory                              

W2-B08              KARONA Steel Less Cabinet Co., Ltd.                                                                

W2-B08AB  Beijing Lanxiang Kitchen Wares Co., Ltd.                                                                     

W2-B09              Shenyang Jinjixiang Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd.                                                                     

W2-B09AB  hen Yang Yadishi Lv Ye                                                                  

W2-B09C            Haoxin Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                   

W2-B10              Fairui Kitchen Appliance Co., Ltd.                                                                  

W2-B10A            Foshan Shudee Zokin Electricalappilance Manu  Factory Co.,Ltd.                                      

W2-B10B            Yantai Jianfeng Handicraft Packaging Co., Ltd.                                                                    

W2-B11              Beijing Xibu Wood Co., Ltd.                                                                   

W2-B12              Introduction to Heilongjiang Haojia Wood Co.,Ltd.                                                                     

W2-B15              Italy Pochini Group (Hong Kong)                                                                    

W2-B16              Zhejiang GKO Decoration Material Co., Ltd.                                                               

W2-B16              Beijing A-ONE Furniture Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W2-B17A     Beijing Kangbaomeijia Finishingmaterial Corporation                                                                   

W2-B17     Repon Industrial (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.                                                                

W2-B18              Hccp Co.,Ltd.                                                                    

W2-B18A            Ningbo  Aquatech Co.,Ltd.                                                                   

W2-B18BC         Oventrop Valves &Systems (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.                                                                     

W2-B19              Paragon Water (Xiamen) Corp. Ltd.                                                               

W2-B20              EcoWater Systems (China)                                                               

W2-B20ABC             Haisheng Kitchen                                                                

W2-B21              Beijing Kingtech Technology Limited Corporation                                                                      

W2-B22              Shanghai SATO Plumbing Equipment Co.,Ltd.                                                                     

W2- B25 26        Shanghai Suitong Trade Co.,Ltd.                                                                    

W2-C02              Tiangjing KangYu TengDa Co.,Ltd.                                                                

W2-C05 06               Lion Queen Kitchen and Bath Co., Ltd ( Shanghai)                                                                     

W1-C07              Qingdao Chenhao Kitchen Decorations Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W2-C07AB         Qingdao Liangming Wooden Products Co., Ltd.                                                                  

W2-C08              Beijing Rongcheng Aluminum Co., Ltd.                                                                  

W2-C08B            Tianjin Yanyou Trading Co., Ltd.                                                                    

W2-C09              Qingdao Hongao Wood Industry Co., Ltd.                                                                   

W2-C09AB  Aojia New Building Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W2-C09C           Alto Refrigeration Manufacturing Co., Ltd.                                                                    

 W2-C10            King Slide Works Co., Ltd.                                                                     

W2-C10A           Kanuv Trading Co., Ltd.                                                                   

W2-C10BC         Beijing Ruidian Weiliang Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                              

W2-C10D           Hangzhou Lin'An Lixiang New Decorative Material Co., Ltd.                                               

W2-C11             Johnson Cabinet Co., Ltd.                                                                  

W2-C11A           Nisko International Hardware CO., Ltd,                                                                

W2-C11BD         Beijing Eden Wood Co., Ltd.                                                                  

W2-C11C           Beijing Century Fragrant Trading Co., Ltd.                                                                    

W2-C12              Shanghai Chikun Industry Co.,Ltd.                                                                  

W2-C12A           Shanghai Kailafu Wood Co., Ltd.                                                                   

W2-C15              Penglai Huasheng Electronic Co., Ltd.                                                      

W2-C15B            Shanghai Yashi Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                     

W2-C16              JinHuaHai, houseware Co., Ltd.                                                                     

W2-C16AC  Guangdong Zenith Arts Company Co.,Ltd.                                                                   

W2-C16BD         Dalian Huwei International Trading Co., Ltd (Everloc)                                                          

W2-C17              Zhejiang Dilong New Material Co.,Ltd.                                                                 

W2-C18          Shanghai Hongge Door Co., Ltd.                                                                     

W2-C18A           RuiAn Kangyuan Kitchen appliance Co., Ltd.                                                               

W2-C18BC  Hotwind Sauna Equipment Co.,Ltd.                                                                

W2-C19              Colony Solid Kitchen Accessory Co., Ltd                                                                     

W2-C20              QINGDAO ZHAOXING WOOD INDUSTRY CO,.Ltd.                                                               

W2-C20AB  Shanghai Cont Environment Protection Technology Company                                                     

W2-C20C           Baoding Haitian Wuto P;astoc Products Co.,Ltd.                                                   

W2-C21              Beijing Fuda Times Wood Co., Ltd.                                                 

W2-C22C25          Beijing Junyue Furniture Co., Ltd.                                                    

W2-C26              ShenZhen Shine Industrial Co.,Ltd.                                                   

W2-D01              Qingdao Kaishi Wooden Industry Co..Ltd.                                                     

W2-D02            Homelektro Limited                                                               

W2-D05 06  Like Trading Co., Ltd.                                                 

W2-D07              Beijing Baijihengfeng Trade Co.,Ltd.                                                 

W2-D07              Fujiashi (China)Products Co.,Ltd.                                                     

W2-D07ABC             Beijing Kadi Cabinet Co., Ltd.                                                   

W2-D07D           Shenyang Shijilongde Trading Co.,Ltd.                                                     

W2-D07EF          Guangzhou Winnper Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                      

W2-D08A           Guangdong Foshan Gaoming Keli Plastic Co.,Ltd.                                                 

W2-D09             Vic Glass Technology Co.Ltd.                                                                  

W2-D09AB         Beijing Zhihe Cabinet Co., Ltd.                                                                

W2-D09C           Shengshiyaju Trading Co., Ltd.                                                                

W2-D10             YiXing Jinta Kitchen Decorative Material Co.,Ltd.                                                                 

W2-D11              Xinde Safety Glass Technology Co., Ltd.                                                               

W2-D12              Shanghai Xin Zhong Building Materials Co. Ltd.                                                                   

W2-D15    SHANGHAI GREEN WOOD Co., Ltd                                                               

W2-D15  BC     Shanghai Dongwu Sanitary Wares Co., Ltd.                                                                  

W2-D16      Zhengzhou zhong qiang Co.,Ltd.                                                                     

W2-D16A           Shenzhen Fuyingmen Hardware & Plastic Co.,ltd.                                                                

W2-D17              Beijing Runfengyibang Furniture Co., Ltd.                                                                     

W2-D17A    Beijing Left-Right Cabinet Co., Ltd.                                                                

W2-D17B            Beijing Sennuo Furniture Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W2-D17C           Beijing Jin Qiutong decoration material Co., Ltd.                                                                  

W2-D18              Red Clouds Technical Glass Co., Ltd.                                                                    

W2-D18A           Beijing Gujia Appliance Co., Ltd.                                                                    

W2-D18BC         Shang mao Wood (kunshang) Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W2-D19              DOURS Kitchen and Bathroom Technology Co., Ltd.                                                                

W2-D19AB         Jordenhardware Manufacture Co.,Ltd.                                                                   

W2-D20              Beijing Century Oasis Trading Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W2-D20ABC             Beijing Develop Commercial Co.,Ltd.                                                                    

W2-D21          Beijing Snow Fat Wood Co.,Ltd.                                                                    

W2-D22              Shanghai Baotian Kitchen Accessory Co., Ltd.                                                                    

W2-D25 26         Beijing Bosina Trade Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W2-E05        Xiamen Sheep Anti-fatigue Mats Co.,Ltd.                                                                    

W2-E06        Ouqiang Hardware & Plastics Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W2-E07        Elleci (Shanghai) Kitchenware Trading Co.,Ltd.                                                                          

W2-E08        Guangzhou Gera Decoration Materials Co.,Ltd.                                                                         

W2-E09BD         Dalian Yinghua Furniture                                                                          

W2-E09C            Jiahong Kitchen Decorations Co., Ltd.                                                                                        

W2-E10AC         Beijing Tryeeasy Home Decor & Materials Co.,Ltd.                                                                   

W2-E10BD  Foshan Dongyun Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                         

W2-E11        Shenyang Jiashide Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.                                                                             

W2-E12 Ningbo Hibor Kitchen Ware Co., Ltd                                                                                                       

W2-E15        Guangzhou Hessan woodworking machinery,co,.ltd.                                                                    

W2-E16 Shanghai Ning Sheng Wood Co., Ltd.                                                                                                      

W2-E16A            Nanhai Hongsheng Quartz Stone Material Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.                           

W2-E17 Yantai Monco Board Co., Ltd.                                                                                                                 

W2-E18 Qingdao Younte Home Furnishing Co., Ltd.                                                                                       

W2-E18AB         Dasheng Appliance Co., Ltd.                                                                                                      

W2-E19        Baoding Rongda Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.                                                                         

W2-E19A            Wuxi Ming Yi Co., Ltd.                                                      

W2-E19B            Kaiselin Kitchen Decorations Co., Ltd.                                                    

W2-E20        Shenzhen Goldspeed Import and Export Co.,Ltd.                                                  

W2-E21        Beijing ricchezza.vita trade Co., Ltd.                                                 

W2-E22        Shanghai Zhengshuai Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                     

W2-F01        Foshan Eudeco Laminating Material Co.,Ltd.                                                  

W2-F05 06   Shanghai Occidental  Cabinet Wares Co., Ltd.                                                     

W2-F07        Beijing Xinjing Mingya Furniture Co.,Ltd.                                                 

W2-F08 09 10            Hangzhou Jiuda Industry Trade Co.,Ltd.                                                  

W2-F11 12 Linyi Haifeng Wood Co.,Ltd.                                                     

W2-F15        Foshan Tianzhibao Plastic Co., Ltd.                                                  

W2-F16        Mingyue Art Craft Co., Ltd.                                                      

W2-F16        Xianghe Hesheng Furniture Material Trading Centre Company Limited                                       

W2-F19 20          Red Field Cabinet Co., Ltd./Red Field Building Materials Co., Ltd.                                      

W1-A01              Wooristone Korea Co.,ltd                                                  

W1-A01AB         Quanzhou Hongyu Light  Industry Co.,ltd.                                                     

W1-A01C           Taizhou Ifeel Kitchen & Building Materials Co., Ltd                                                     

W1-A02          Sinostone (Guangdong)Co.,Ltd.                                                        

W1-A05              Hccp Co.,Ltd.                                                      

W1-A06              Anhui Saunaking Co.,Ltd.                                                   

W1-A06B            Hangzhou Daou Metal Handicrafts Co., Ltd.                                                                           

W1-A07              Hongfa Mining Co.,Ltd.Shaanxi China                                                    

W1-A08              Bangding Weiye(Beijing)International Stone Co.,Ltd.                                                    

W1-A08B            GUL  MERMER                                                       

W1-A09              Shanghai JieYun new model stone Co.Ltd.                                                      

W1-A09AB         Shanghai Zhongli Machine Manufacture Co., Ltd.                                                  

W1-A10              Beijing Zhengshan Beststone Trade Co., Ltd.                                                                

W1-A11              Beijing Cloud Times Stone 004                                                                

W1-A12           Wallface Master Co., Ltd.                                                               

W1-A15 16         Quyang Huicheng Sculpture Arts Ltd.                                                                    

W1-B01              June Sanitaryware Co., Ltd.                                                                     

W1-B02     Hans Marble Art Deco Mfty.                                                                   

W1-B05 06         Jiaxing Only Stone Decorative Material CO., Ltd.                                                                

 W1-B07            Nanjing Landing Building Materials Sales Co.,Ltd                                                                      

W1-B08              Beijing Warfield Water-heating Equipment Co., Ltd.                                                                  

W1-B09   Susa                                                                     

W1-B10              Everstone Building Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                  

W1-B12              Fujian Wanlong Stone Co.,Ltd.                                                                

W1-B12A            Bairui Building (Beijing) Co.,Ltd.                                                                     

W1-B12B     ShenZhen Puer measuring system Co,.Ltd                                                                     

W1-B12C            Shengzhen Ourhome Electrical Applince Co.,Ltd.                                                                 

W1-B15       Yingliang Stone Co.,Ltd.                                                                                                                           

W1-B16A     Golden Maple Jade Co., Ltd.                                                                                                            

W1-B16B            Beijingliduxinzechengshiye  Co.,Ltd.                                                                                          

W1-B17              Beijing Xilian Hongxing Stone Co.,Ltd.                                                                                      

W1-B18              Beijing Aogu Stone Co., Ltd.                                                                                                             

W1- B18AB        Brief Introduction of Jinan JINGWEI CNC Engraving Equipment Co., Ltd.     .                   

W1-B19              Han Beak Stone Metal.Co.,Ltd.                                                              

W1-B19A            Beijing Best Power Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.                                      

W1-B20             Sintec Marble (Hongkong)Co.,Ltd.                                                                                      

W1-B20AB         Baixin Stone Machinery Works                                                                                            

W1-B20C            Fuli Building Materials Factory                                                                                             

W1-B21              Mianyang Ruyu Marble Co.,Ltd.                                                                                                        

W1-B22              Yantai Dianysaw Mfg .Co.,Ltd.                                                                                                  

W1-B25              Shengda Stone Mining Co., Ltd.                                                                                                        

W1-B26       Jinjiang Jiangxing Building Materials Trading Co., Ltd          

W1-C01 02 05    XUYANG (SICHUAN) decorating materials CO. , Ltd.                                                            

W1-C6         Foshan Nanhai Jiujiang Aoyi Stone Art Factory                                                                    

W1-C07              Zhengzhou Boao Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                                  

W1- C08             Qinhuangdao Yajie bath CO.,Ltd.                                                                   

W1-C08A    Xiamen Pengkun Industry Co., Ltd.                                                                

W1-C09              Zhongshan DELI Metal Products Co., Ltd.                                                                   

W1-C09AB         Bejing GIMARE Shell Craft  Co.Ltd.                                                                     

W1-C09C           Beijing Bilanxuan Mosaic Factory                                                                   

W1-C09D           Tri-Shine Light Industrial Products Co., Ltd.                                                                 

W1-C09E            Romantic background wall Co。,Ltd.                                            

W1-C09E            QinHuangDao City HongYi Glass Decoration Co., Ltd.      

W1-C10AB         Xiamen Dol international Co.,Ltd.                                                     

W1-C11             Fujian Huatai Group Co., Ltd.                                                     

W1-C11B            Dalian Huipute Artistic Building Material Co.,Ltd.                                                   

W1-C12              Lih Haur Decoration Products Co.,Ltd.                                                    

W1-C15       B  EAVER CO., LTD                                                             

W1-C15       H  ANSUNG HI BOARD                                                             

W1-C15         TEHO INDUSTRY COMPANY                                                              

W1-C15          Kim’s Silk                                                            

W1- C15G I   Beijing TianHong KeDa Metal decoration CO.,Ltd.                                                  

W1-C16       Beijing Zhen Sheng Stone Co.,Ltd .                                                  

W1-C19A           Xiamen Huahaida Complex Materials Co., Ltd.                                                      

W1-C20              Longsheng Stone Craft Co., Ltd.                                                      

W1-C21              Chifeng Huafu Construction Material Industrial Co.,Ltd.                                                       

W1-C22              Shandong Jinyuyuan Stone Cog Ltd.                                                 

W1-C25              Wenchang Stone Co.,Ltd.                                                  

W1-C26       Liuhe  Stone Co.,Ltd.                                                     

W1-D01 02         Zhaoqing Liming Complex Stone Manufature Co.,Ltd.                                                  

W1-D05 06         JiaLian YaZhi Decorative Material Co., Ltd.                                                   

W1-D07              Dongyuda Stone Co., Ltd.                                                  

W1-D07A    GDB     Beijing Dongfang Guoyi Trading Co., Ltd.                                                       

W1-D07B            Yunnan Kunming Gaoyuan Stone Co., Ltd.                                                     

W1-D09              Helison(beijing)water system inc                                                 

W1-D09AB         suzhou  dongping  industrial co .Ltd.                                                     

W1-D09C           Shenzhen Yinuo Xijin Building Materials Co., Ltd.                                                  

W1-D09DE         Beijing FENYI WEIYE Decorations Co.,Ltd.                                                 

W1-D11              Beijing Jiajiamei Decoration Art Development Co.,Ltd.                                                 

W1-D11A    Beijing Jinghongrui Trading Co., Ltd.                                                 

W1-D11B     Suoya Technology Co., Ltd.                                                      

W1-D12              Jing Yow Enterprise Co.,ltd../Sheng TZU Stone Machinery Co.,ltd.                                            

W1-D12AB  Guanglong Bathroom Equipm                                                     

W1-D12CD         Yantai INFACH Woodcarft Co.,Ltd.                                                      

W1-D12E            NingBo Kaiteng Sanitary Ware Co.,Ltd.                                                  

W1-D16              Mapei Construction Materails(Guangzhou) Co., Ltd                                                      

W1-D16A           Beijing Chuangshiji Are Stone Co.,Ltd.                                                    

W1-D16B            Hebei Nuojian Stone Co., Ltd.                                                  

W1-D19              Beijing Tiandi Hemei Building Materials Co., Ltd.                                                   

W1-E12        Zhengzhou NEOLITES Generation Sculpture Co., Ltd.                                                       

W1-E12A            Beijing Stoner Stone Co.Ltd.                                                 

W1-E15        Beijing Zaixian Huihuang Design Corp., Ltd.                                                    

W1-E16        Jieci Trading Co., Ltd.                                                 

W1-E17 20          Baixuantai Constirction Materials Co., Ltd.                                                     

W1-E19        Blue Ocean & Black Stone Technology Co., Ltd.                                                  

W1- E21              Kunshan Great Vacuum Brazed Prouducts Co.,Ltd.                                                     

W1-E22 28          Beijing Zhongao Yigao Stone Co., Ltd.                                                    

W1-E22        Beijing Oriental Superstar Cnc Equipment                                                       

W1-E25   MIYAKI Construction and Decoration Project Co., Ltd.                                                 

W1-E26 30          Yuhuan Lishi Copper Co.,Ltd.                                                   

W1- E27              Laizhou Zhongrun Machinery Technology Co.Ltd.                                                  

W1-E28        Sichuan Fulong Mining Co.,Ltd.                                                 

W1-E29        Foshan Timaru Abrasive Co.Lltd.                                                     

W1-E31        Beijing shocked Technology Development Co., Ltd.                                                     

W1-E32 36          QingDao Jinbin Building Materials Co.,Ltd.                                                    

W1-E35        HEMEI  STONES  COMPANY                                                 

W1-F18        Shandong Yongxing Equipment Co., Ltd.                                                 

W1+01 02           Beijing Meibiyijia Building Decoration Co.,Ltd.                                                      

W1+05         GuangZhou  Sunmoon  Appliances  Decoration  Material  Co.,Ltd.                                   

W1+06         Meipan Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.                                                      

W1+07         Foshan Gaoming Jinshi Building Materials Co.,Ltd.                                                 

W1+08         LongServing.Co., Ltd.                                                 

W1+09         Ningbo Yingzhou Seegeel Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.                                                        

W1+11AB           Beijing Jade Lights Decoration Materials Factory                                                   

W1+ 12        Beijing Kommerling Technology Co., Ltd.                                                       

W1+15         Aereco (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd.                                                    

W1+16               Dian Chiang Chia Technology(Wuxi) Co., Ltd.                                                       

W1+19         Shanghai suerda sanitary Co.,Ltd.                                                     

W1+19AB    Healthland Sauna Equipment Co.,Ltd.                                                      

W1+20         ELEN Bathroom Co Ltd.                                                  

W1-M01K          Beijing FORTUNE Technology Co,Ltd.                                                  

W1-M01PN        Beijing zhongkezhucheng building materials technology Co,.Ltd.                      

Chinese Commercial Representative Office, Japanese Systems Machinery Co.,Ltd.                     

W1-D16              Mapei Construction Materails(Guangzhou) Co., Ltd                   

W1-M00      Elotex     AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals (shanghai)l Co.,Ltd./Elotex                                          

 W1-M01K        Beijing FORTUNE Technology Co,Ltd.                                                  

W1-M01ABCD          Bosson(Beijing)Chemcial CO.,Ltd.                                                   

W1-M01HF        Beijing Hangao Brothers Science Technology Development Co.,Ltd .                                   

W1-M01M          Hangzhou BOLITE Co., Ltd.                                                     

W1-M02ABCD          Beijing Jingyeda New Building Materials Co.,Ltd.                                                  

W1-M02P           Beijing Singkong Dry Mortar Construction Materials Co.,Ltd.                                              

 W1-M02GE             Fujian South HighWay Machinary CO.,Ltd.                                                    

W1-M02FH        Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH CO & KG Co.,Ltd.                                                  

W1-M02N          Wam Handling Machnery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.                                                       

W1-M02L           Shijiazhuang Hong Zheng constructs the energy conservation machine manufacture the Limited company                                                       

W1-M02O          ShangHai Meimengjia Chemical Science Co.,Ltd.                                                  

W1-M05ABCD          Tangshan Polar Bear Building Materials Co., Ltd.                                                   

W1-M05PN        Wuxi Jiangjia Constructon Machinery Co.,Ltd.                                                       

W1-M05G           CBMA Research Institute of Cement and New Building Materials                                   

 W1-M05KL             m-tec                                                     

W1-M05M          Wuxiziguang Machine co.,Ltd.                                                   

W1-M 05H/F             Luodige Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.                                                 

W1-M05E           Zhumadian Yongtai Architectural Energy-saving Materials Equipment Co. Ltd.              

W1-M05O          Guangzhou Yuanye Industrial Co., Ltd.                                                    

W1-M06BD        LANXESS Shanghai Pigments Co., Ltd.                                                  

W1-M06A/C       Shandong Yuanyou Group Co.,Ltd.                                                  

W1-M06L    Beijing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.                                                    

W1-M06GE       Beijing Zhonghe Technology Co., Ltd.                                                     

W1-M06O   Meijianli(Beijing)Science and Technology Decelop Co.Ltd.                                                        

W1-M06 HF              Grand Fiberglass Co.,Ltd.                                                  

W1-M06P    shandong fangdakang industry cellulose Co.,Ltd.                                                    

W1-M07ABCD   Celanese (China) Holding Co., Ltd.                                                  

W1-M07EFGH   Shandong Head Co., Ltd.                                                   

W1-M07L           Yangzhou Wei-Chem Co., Ltd.                                                 

W1-M07P           Shandong Stone Industry Co,.Ltd.                                                   

W1-M07 O         Wanweu Huashan New Materials Co., Ltd.                                                    

W1-M07 KM             E-Motion Industrial Co., Ltd.                                                     

W1- M07P          Yinchuan Xintai Building& Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.                                                    

W1-M08AC       maxit Building MaterialBeijingCo.,Ltd.                                                    

W1-M08EFGH          Shanghai Nature Building Materials Co.,Ltd.                                                   

W1-M08L           Beijing Huaduo BiologyTechnology CO.,Ltd.                                                  

 W1-M08P         Beijing Jinye Building Materials Co., Ltd.                                                 

W1-M08BD        Xuzhou Zhaojia  materials technology development Co, Ltd.                                               

W1-M08K          AnQiu City Forbond Machinery Co.,Ltd.                                                 

W1-M08 N  Tangshan Dunshi Dry Mortar Building Materials Co., Ltd.                                                    

W1-M08MO              Sicoma Zhuhai Co., Ltd.                                                     

W1-M09FH        Puyang Yintai New Building Materials Co.,Ltd.                                                      

 W1-M09BD             Kerneos (China) Aluminates Technologies Co., Ltd.                                                      

W1-M09EG        Henan Tiansheng Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd(TSCC)                                                     

W1-M09MP        Quanzhou Shi ze yuan industry and trade Co.,Ltd.                                                  

 W1-M09K L            Doubrava Industrial Plants Trading (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.                                                 

W1-M010           Beijing Huanyimei Macromolecule Polymerization Research Center                                      

W1-M10ABCDEF            Bostik Findley China Co., Ltd.                                                   

W1-M10I\J\K\L         Sotai - Mixer Building Technology Co.,Ltd.                                                    

W1-M11             Beijing Eastern Allhand Corporation Co.,Ltd.                                                  

W1-M17             Li Jian MeiBeijingTechnology Development Co., Ltd.                                                   

W1-M18             Lanxinxing Trading Co., Ltd.                                                      

W1-M19             Fuanliangji Co., Ltd.                                                    

W1-M20             Longchang Taixing Machinery Co., Ltd.                                                   

W1-M22             Beijing Taihuayongfa Co., Ltd.                                                   

W1-M25             Beijing Tianzi Dragon Building Materials Co., Ltd.                                                  

 W1-M26           Jilin Province Yishengyiju Building Materials Co.,Ltd.                                                    

W1-M27 28 Nanjing Tianyin Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.                                                    

W1-M30\31\32\35\36              Beijing Mingang Ruixiang Tech Co.,Ltd.                                                   

W1-M10 GH              BaoDing YiTong Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.                                                     

W1-M21             Beijing Yinglongweiye Technologies Development Co., Ltd.                                                 

W1-M39      Zhengliang Machinery Factory                                                  

W1- M41            Zouping Fuhai science andtechnology devel

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