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China (Beijing) Curtain & Decorative fabrics Exhibition 2017


Dates: February 28-March 3, 2017

Venue: China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing

No,88 yuxiang Road,shunyi  District ,Beijing P.R.China 

Show Area:  120,000 sqm

Estimated Attendees:160,000



China International Exhibition Center Group

China B & D Exhibition Co., Ltd.


Scope of Exhibits:
1. window curtain ,curtain rod, pulley,curtain orbit,CurtainDecorative Cloth, Decorative fabricscloth art,home textile, Bast fiber fabrics, silk fabrics, cotton fabrics, coated fabrics, compounded fabrics, waterproof fabrics, flame retardant fabrics, Soft adornment, soft bag

2. Auxiliary materials: Embroidery
3. decorative cloth yarns, imitation fur yarns, fancy knitted yarns;
4. Textiles & home textiles: a variety of bedclothes, the kitchen with the textile, the curtain skill and are connected the lining, and accessories
5. Textile raw materials: Natural fibers, synthetic fibers
6. Design and production systems: Computer aided design and production systems, professional publications, etc.

Last exhibition summary:

The last exhibition succeeds in holding in the Hall E1E2E2E4W1W2W3W4 of China Beijing New International Exhibition Center on the February 28-March 3,  at 2017, the scale up to 160,000 square meters, nearly thousand exhibition traders have participated in this fair , the statistics show, the professional audience exceeds  3580 people; Among them the foreign audience accounts for 31%, they come from nearly 40 countries such as African country , European Union member state, Japan , S. Korea , U.S.A. , Middle East country,  respectively. More than 90% of the exhibiters sponsor the field service and audience's quality to satisfy with to this exhibition. China News Service, Curtain & Decorative fabrics l of website Alibaba, , Chinese news network, Sohu press center, Economic Information Network, Curtain of China, cloth art network,  Chinese over one hundred authoritative media in carry on report to exhibition this as soon as possible. We will regard this as motive force; will strive to turn our exhibition into the really famous brand exhibition of world!


Participation Cost



Raw Spacemin.36 m2

Shell Scheme Booth min.9 m2


USD300/ m2

USD300/ m2






Two or three sides wall panels, Carpeted floor, Fascia board with bilingual company name, One information counter, One meeting table, Four folding chairs, One waste paper basket, One socket (220V/5A), Three spotlights.


II Raw Exhibit Space Only       USD$ 300/sqm (Minimum 36 sqm.)





Beneficiary:  China B & D Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Account No.:  020 025 300 902 454 0711  

Swift Address:  ICBKCNBJBJM

Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank (ICBC), Beijing Municipal Branch, Wang Jing Sub-Branch, Xibahezhongli Banking Office


Contact Information

China B & D Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Add: Room 388, 4/F, Hall 1, China International Exhibition Center, No 6 East Beisanhuan Road, Beijing 100028, China

Contact: Shirley Han 008613911865811

Tel010-8460 0923

Fax010-8460 0910




China B&D Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Add: Room 388, 4/F,Hall 1, China International Exhibition Center, No 6 East Beisanhuan Road, Beijing 100028, China
Tel:0086-010-84600923 Fax:0086-010-84600910 Contact:Miss Han0086-13911865811